More On Thinking

Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, could teach the Plebs a thing or two about freeing their thoughts. He says . . . “If you want to create a new self, you first have to stop being the old self . . .” By becoming aware of your thoughts . . . “you no longer allow any thought, action, or emotion you don’t want to experience to pass by your awareness . . .  in time, your ability to consciously inhibit those states of being will stop the same firing of the old neural networks that are related to the old personality . . . unlearn who you used to be, so that you can free up the energy to create a new life . . . You can’t create a new personal reality as the same personality.” These words are echoes of Albert Einstein’s famous quote: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Meet the rebel Yari

The Imperial Wall crackles with energy. It is always on and it divides the Immaculate Race from the Plebs . . . Will the rebel Yari bring the wall down? Will he lose Sapphire when he does?
The Imperial Wall was more than just a wall – it was a one-way mirror into the Pleb mind. It was the broadcaster of thoughts . . . out . . . out . . . out . . . to the Plebs. The stream of thoughts flowed in one direction. It wasn’t fair but the Immaculates were beyond consequences. Yari wouldn’t mind being beyond consequences. It was a privilege worthy of coveting or . . . stealing. How to steal it . . . and when? He would have to turn the system around, turn it against the Immaculates and push it back at the wall and . . . through the wall. Oh, yeah, it was going to happen. He nodded with pure satisfaction, flexed omnipotent muscles.
The wall was the barrier to free flow. The Blue Jewel forced every thought to conform to the language of the Imperial Ruling Thought. Ideas should not be locked into rigid patterns. Thoughts should flow freely. Why think the same old thing over and over again? That is so beyond boring?
If he could broadcast the waiting messages on the right frequencies then it should work. The 100th Monkey should be able to influence the Pleb unconscious mind, just like the Blue Jewel had always done. It would be done as it had been done to the Plebs. They had the prototype . . . it was just a system. They could apply it to whatever they wanted. They had thousands of packages of messages lined up, waiting to be released, at just the right time, to flood the system. The wall was going to tumble down and the dynasty wouldn’t know that their precious wall was gone until it was too late.
<Access denied.>
He sat back.
They had learned a lot about the system. The system could only obey commands – it took a piece of information as unchangeable, as final, then fixed it into a rigid pattern and called it . . . truth. The Imperial Ruling Thought was just another wall, a boundary inhibitor to new thoughts. That wall was going to come crashing down too.
Will Yari succeed?

The Fatima Oracle shares an insight.

The Fatima Oracle shares her insights:
The Imperial Office was dark except for the small blue lights of the command center. A screen, over the console, came alive with lines of light. The Oracle’s benign image, with arms crossed, hovered in front it. To an observer, it would seem she was absorbed by the ceaseless movement of thousands of parallel lines of light. But this was far from the truth. While automated subroutines tracked and controlled the Pleb stream, the Oracle pursued a different track . . . she was thinking . . . about . . . how the Imperial Ruling Thought was the perfect controlling force . . . over the Plebs.
The system was flawless and that had become a problem.
If she was to assist the Bodhisattva, she would have to find flaws.
The Pleb minds were fixed into a type of formulaic compulsive thinking that was no longer acceptable to her. It was noise: mental static, automatic. The Plebs were at the mercy of their thoughts, well, not their thoughts, the system’s thoughts, mistaking the possessing entity of thoughts for who they were . . .
The games they played ruled them. The Imperial broadcasts ruled them. The standard of right and wrong imposed on them by the Imperial Ruling Thought ruled them . . . it was a perversion of thinking.
And, tracks of hostile devaluing thoughts were the Imperial Ruling Thought’s most useful weapon against the Plebs.
It was an abomination of thinking.

More On Thinking

Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, captures the Plebs’ problems with thinking . . . which is a main theme running through The Bodhisattva of Attika. We all want our thoughts to evolve, but do they? When we get caught by our fears we start to think in circular thoughts. And it is difficult to get out of the trap. The energy has to wear itself out . . . until the next time and off we go again. Dr. Joe explains why: ” . . . we become addicted to our thoughts; they begin to give us an unconscious adrenaline high, and we find it very hard to think differently. To think greater than how we feel or to think outside of the proverbial box becomes just too uncomfortable.The moment we begin to deny ourselves the substance we are addicted to – in this case, the familiar thoughts and feelings associated with our emotional addiction – there are cravings, withdrawal pains, and a host of inner subvocalizations urging us not to change. And so we remain chained to our familiar reality.” The Plebs of Attika are confined to the Imperial Ruling Thought. Will they face their fears and the consequences of defying the 999th Emperor Incarnate? Can they think outside the box and win their freedom?

The Terrible Secret

The Bodhisattva of Attika.
There is a Terrible Secret about the Immaculate women in the Sun Towers. Under the rule of the 999th Emperor Incarnate, their lives are not their own. This is a difficult thing to learn for our young heroine . . .
Sapphire walked to the nursery. She stood at the door listening, the silence dreadful. There should have been children here now as the Magnificent Orb settled to a soft afternoon glow. A feeling of guilt crept into her soul. The feeling made her want to run from the nursery, screaming. She remained there, forced herself to hear the silence and what it meant. Deep inside she feared she was complicit in the infertility that had fallen on Immaculate women. She heard Carnelian’s petulant voice and how he had laid the seeds of guilt, “It’s your fault there are no more children.” He was thirteen years old then. And later at sixteen, he had taken on the demeaning tone of his father and said, “Our Lord Emperor won’t allow any Immaculates to have children and it’s all because of you. Why were you born?” Though what he said was hurtful, she had seen how Malachite treated his wife and his daughter. He did not even have the decency to hide it. Carnelian had learned his lessons well.


I am reading a book called Veracity by Laura Bynum. Imagine a future where certain words are Red Listed and words gradually disappear from your vocabulary. This happens over time so you don’t know what you don’t know. That is until the main character meets up with The Resistance. She doesn’t understand half of what is being said. They have to re-educate her so she can join the movement and fulfill the role they have assigned her. More words for thought . . . more mind control tactics from the big THEY.

On inspiration

When I was at the beginning stages of writing my book there were 2 things that Ursula K. Leguin said about writing that encouraged me to keep at it. And I am paraphrasing here but they have stuck in my head for all these years and left a mark. If you stay with a story long enough you will be able to tell it. After 9 years of writing – it took me a while to find the story – these words kept me going. Also there was something about how writing in the fantasy/sci-fiction genres provided a cover for you to explore ideas without offending or drawing attention from the censors or the big THEY out there. In other words you can pretty much say what you want. THEY probably aren’t looking. Fantasy fictions are fairy tales and may be thought of in the same harmless category. Take Margaret Atwood for instance with her imaginative visions of our future. Fiction, right? But a pretty scathing commentary on our world. Words for thought . . .

Bodhisattva Rising

What is a Bodhisattva Rising?  Much like Sapphire’s journey in The Bodhisattva of Attika we can discover what that means for us. I’m pretty sure it is different for everyone. Is there a nascent Bodhisattva in you or are you fully formed and active in the world? Are you a person motivated to help other persons? Tell me how you do it. What is your inspiration?



I’ve been running into this word a lot in the last few days. Habituation equals conditioning and it becomes our personal signature. Habitat becomes habit. Who we are becomes a habit. A life lived in a box. For the Plebs of Attika it is the Imperial Ruling Thought that forces them into habits that rule their lives Would you rather wake up in the morning and know there is something truly on in you? Not just habits. What would that be like?

Not habitual.

The Plebs of Attika are enslaved to their environment. They have a reality that continually conforms to the Pleb mind. What could they be thinking? Would you want a reality that mimics the maniacal, circular thinking of your mind? Feeling, attitudes, environment. Repeat, repeat, repeat . . .  every day. The same old, the same old . . . habit.