More On Thinking

Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, captures the Plebs’ problems with thinking . . . which is a main theme running through The Bodhisattva of Attika. We all want our thoughts to evolve, but do they? When we get caught by our fears we start to think in circular thoughts. And it is difficult to get out of the trap. The energy has to wear itself out . . . until the next time and off we go again. Dr. Joe explains why: ” . . . we become addicted to our thoughts; they begin to give us an unconscious adrenaline high, and we find it very hard to think differently. To think greater than how we feel or to think outside of the proverbial box becomes just too uncomfortable.The moment we begin to deny ourselves the substance we are addicted to – in this case, the familiar thoughts and feelings associated with our emotional addiction – there are cravings, withdrawal pains, and a host of inner subvocalizations urging us not to change. And so we remain chained to our familiar reality.” The Plebs of Attika are confined to the Imperial Ruling Thought. Will they face their fears and the consequences of defying the 999th Emperor Incarnate? Can they think outside the box and win their freedom?