Meet the rebel Yari

The Imperial Wall crackles with energy. It is always on and it divides the Immaculate Race from the Plebs . . . Will the rebel Yari bring the wall down? Will he lose Sapphire when he does?
The Imperial Wall was more than just a wall – it was a one-way mirror into the Pleb mind. It was the broadcaster of thoughts . . . out . . . out . . . out . . . to the Plebs. The stream of thoughts flowed in one direction. It wasn’t fair but the Immaculates were beyond consequences. Yari wouldn’t mind being beyond consequences. It was a privilege worthy of coveting or . . . stealing. How to steal it . . . and when? He would have to turn the system around, turn it against the Immaculates and push it back at the wall and . . . through the wall. Oh, yeah, it was going to happen. He nodded with pure satisfaction, flexed omnipotent muscles.
The wall was the barrier to free flow. The Blue Jewel forced every thought to conform to the language of the Imperial Ruling Thought. Ideas should not be locked into rigid patterns. Thoughts should flow freely. Why think the same old thing over and over again? That is so beyond boring?
If he could broadcast the waiting messages on the right frequencies then it should work. The 100th Monkey should be able to influence the Pleb unconscious mind, just like the Blue Jewel had always done. It would be done as it had been done to the Plebs. They had the prototype . . . it was just a system. They could apply it to whatever they wanted. They had thousands of packages of messages lined up, waiting to be released, at just the right time, to flood the system. The wall was going to tumble down and the dynasty wouldn’t know that their precious wall was gone until it was too late.
<Access denied.>
He sat back.
They had learned a lot about the system. The system could only obey commands – it took a piece of information as unchangeable, as final, then fixed it into a rigid pattern and called it . . . truth. The Imperial Ruling Thought was just another wall, a boundary inhibitor to new thoughts. That wall was going to come crashing down too.
Will Yari succeed?