The Fatima Oracle shares an insight.

The Fatima Oracle shares her insights:
The Imperial Office was dark except for the small blue lights of the command center. A screen, over the console, came alive with lines of light. The Oracle’s benign image, with arms crossed, hovered in front it. To an observer, it would seem she was absorbed by the ceaseless movement of thousands of parallel lines of light. But this was far from the truth. While automated subroutines tracked and controlled the Pleb stream, the Oracle pursued a different track . . . she was thinking . . . about . . . how the Imperial Ruling Thought was the perfect controlling force . . . over the Plebs.
The system was flawless and that had become a problem.
If she was to assist the Bodhisattva, she would have to find flaws.
The Pleb minds were fixed into a type of formulaic compulsive thinking that was no longer acceptable to her. It was noise: mental static, automatic. The Plebs were at the mercy of their thoughts, well, not their thoughts, the system’s thoughts, mistaking the possessing entity of thoughts for who they were . . .
The games they played ruled them. The Imperial broadcasts ruled them. The standard of right and wrong imposed on them by the Imperial Ruling Thought ruled them . . . it was a perversion of thinking.
And, tracks of hostile devaluing thoughts were the Imperial Ruling Thought’s most useful weapon against the Plebs.
It was an abomination of thinking.