A fantasy/sci-fi with a sophisticated technocracy dominating a simple population and a nascent Bodhisattva finding the power of her soul to save them.

What  people are saying about The Bodhisattva of Attika:

. . . I thoroughly enjoyed it . . . written from the heart and from passion . . . a great story . . . imaginative creativity with such a rich tapestry of seemingly disparate parts combining high-tech programming with ancient deities . . . amazing . . . characters are true to life . . . readers will either love them or hate them . . . a solid writer with superb talent . . . 

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The Bodhisattva of Attika is the story of young Sapphire, daughter of the 999th Emperor-Incarnate of the Imperial Realm. The novel opens with the Imperial “stream” being hacked by a rebel messenger known only as the 100th Monkey. Hopeful and inciting messages sizzle across the dataways, and in them Sapphire suddenly sees a way to save the souls of the Plebs from a spiritually bankrupt technocracy headed by her father. With the help of two interactive AIs—the haloed Fatima Oracle and the six-armed Kali—Sapphire escapes her confinement in the Crystal Quarters of the Sun Towers and sets out on a journey to find this 100th Monkey.

Sapphire must first fulfill a prophecy by waking a pantheon of sleeping goddesses whose voices have been silenced during the reign of a thousand Incarnates. In the long silence, the Fatima Oracle fills the void and controls the minds of the people with the Imperial Ruling Thought, an inflexible standard of right and wrong, while the goddesses’ voices remain absent. Any attempts to invoke goddess powers have been destabilizing. Only a true and tested Bodhisattva can wake them. Will Sapphire be the one to pass all challenges?

Guided by glowing golden tattoos, Sapphire descends into a seductive Dark Realm where she is confronted by alluring Fetishettes, sensual and dangerous women who embody her latent feminine powers. In her final ordeal, Sapphire must survive betrayal and poisoning by Yari, a bold and confident young Pleb who steals her heart even as he plots to crumble the walls of the Imperial dynasty. But the Imperial Wall—an electrical grid that crackles with power—hides a secret weakness exclusively found in Immaculate women. It is one of the Terrible Secrets that Sapphire will come to know too well as she fights to save the Imperial Realm from itself.


. . . Sapphire hated the Light Season. She had always looked forward to the celebrations. But that was before, before the Dark Initiate’s Ball had caused this thing to break loose inside her, this thing she had not known she possessed. What is it? My will? My power place? My whole soul? Or is it more Immaculate arrogance? It had all started with her first encounter with Lord Obsidian. He forced something to awaken in her, some contrariness, some oppositional attitude she had never experienced before. He had done it, to her. She tried to keep a tight rein on herself, now that she was in her Immaculate home. But she was failing miserably . . . I’m out of control.

The chanting that once soothed her sounded like a dirge to her ears now. The performances of the Four and Nine Temple Dancers were once her favorite entertainment. Now, she suffered through every performance. The dancers moved like wooden sticks, all angles and . . . nothing . . .  she could feel nothing. They were lifeless statues moving from one meaningless shape to another. They were controlled and predictable like her Lord Father with his soul numbing and severe routines. It was an abomination! None of it was beautiful anymore. She measured everything against the dark . . .

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    Paulette Bibeau

Past incarnations = Dancer, choreographer and yoga teacher.


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