On writing

Or more accurately, on not writing. Is it polite to start the new book when this one is barely out of the birth canal? Resistance or the natural way of things – endings and beginnings? I wonder if I won’t be writing the same story again – if I didn’t get this one out just right – or if I need a breather before the next big push. Finding the momentum is the thing. Once you get started, momentum is like a ride you can’t get off even if you want to. Right now I’m at the gate deciding whether or not I really want another ride like the last one. Oh, if I could just work on the book. I loved working on my book. But it’s out of my hands now. Can’t touch it. Can’t fix it. Can’t change a single word. Can you say . . . let goooo? Fix. Straighten. Make Straight. Make Right. What’s wrong? Doing a lot of reading and movie watching. Being idle. Not knowing what to do. All proven, solid, worthy stalling tactics. I’ve got titles in my head – circling – taunting – which one will win? I love starting with a title. Plot? That will take some thinking. Or, I could let my subconscious mind fight it out in dark, murky waters while I entertain myself up here with the lighter side.